Challenge Sheets

The challenge sheets – there is one to accompany each activity – include a brief description of the activity, the educational objective, the approach to the session, the specific skills that will be addressed and the equipment that XLWales will bring to the classroom.

Please use the links below to download and print your chosen activities. Welsh language challenge sheets are also available.

Foundation Phase challenge sheets

 Bear home  Bears on the move 
 Bridge that gap!  Castle technology 
 Christmas cracker   Flower 
 Jewellery   Light fantastic!
 Lighthouse   Magic magnets 
 Move that load   Playground 
 Push it and pull it   Theme park 
 Tuning forks   Windmill 

Key Stage 2 challenge sheets

A miner problem Bear home
Bears on the move Bridge that gap!
Burglars beware Castle technology!
Christmas cracker  Finger on the pulse
 Frozen balloons  Light fantastic!
 Lighthouse  Mousetrap
 Move that load  Push it and pull it
 Rock steady  Switched on!
 Theme park  Tuning forks
 Windmill  999